Saturday, February 2, 2013

Episode 8 - Max Skidmore

Our guest was Max Skidmore, Ph.D., the Curators' Professor of Political Science and Thomas Jefferson Fellow at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  Professor Skidmore talked with us about Governor Brownback's political philosophy and how it will affect Kansas for years to come.

Today's beer was from Boston-based Samuel Adams: Zach drank the highlighted Alpine Spring seasonal beer, while Mike and Professor Skidmore had the standard Boston Lager.

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  1. A fascinating interview with someone enriched with the benefit of decades of political observation. I am glad you made a record of Professor Skidmore's observations on the political ideology that now seems so lost in translation over time. Indeed, the conservative appropriation of such American icons as Rosa Parks can be puzzling to say the least. This discourse gives a basis for better understanding of what is happening "behind the curtain."