Saturday, January 5, 2013

Is Privatizing Medicaid in Kansas a Good Idea?

On occasion, we will post video that's relevant to what we discuss on Sunflower Brew.

This week, we are sharing video from Kansas City Week in Review, a weekly local political news show produced by KCPT (the PBS station in Kansas City).  In this particular clip, they are discussing Brownback's plan to privatize Medicaid in Kansas.

In the interest of full disclosure, I interned at KCPT during the winter/spring of 2012.  One of the programs I worked on regularly was Kansas City Week in Review.

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  1. the patients will be one hurt - the new paper work I have seen this week will weed out any of us who can not wade through the monument of paperwork in New insurance plans- these out of state profit driven companies will rack in the cash at our expense. He (brownback) is NOT doing this for the poor or even for Kansas - it is a politically tactical move for his own ends. Ask someone to show you their new packet of paper work that arrived this past weekend- overwhelming even for highly functioning people- many elderly will be 'blinded by the headlights' and a ton of jobs for alternative caseworker (non SRS/DFC?) may be needed to help those who can be saved. it IS a NIGHTMARE and this is Week #1.