Wednesday, January 9, 2013

KanVote Calls for Repeal of Voter Registration Restrictions

As most of you may know, Kansas recently passed legislation - pushed by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (of SB1070 infamy) - that makes it much harder to vote in the Sunflower State. 

The first part of the legislation to go into effect was requiring voters to show photo ID at the polls.  This resulted in 532 legal Kansas voters having their votes not counted.  That's 532 too many.

The second part of the legislation, which went into effect with the New Year, requires proof of citizenship (i.e. birth certificate) to even register to vote.

Fortunately, there are some people in Kansas who believe that this has gone too far.  Enter KanVote, a grassroots coalition that seeks to reverse Kobach's excessive voting restrictions.  They even have a petition - click here to take a look.

The video is from a KanVote event in Wichita earlier this week.

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